Dr Saravu Narahari leads integrative medicine research, collaborations, and patient-centred care and education to meet the needs of chronic skin diseases, lymphoedema and Lymphatic Filariasis. He pioneered clinician-led bed-side integrative medicine by combining therapeutics of Ayurveda with biomedicine. He is among the world’s leading lymphoedema experts and published 80 research papers.

The Institute of Applied Dermatology that he founded in 1999 is the leading lymphoedema clinic in the world and recognised as a primary destination for lymphatic filariasis, secondary lymphedema and breast cancer-related lymphedema treatment in South-East Asian countries. His research collaborations are inter-sectoral involving molecular biologists, geneticists, pathologists, engineers and traditional medicine experts. IAD’s research is data-driven, evidence-based and applied over the beside. He received three international excellence awards for Lymphatic Filariasis instituted by lead professional bodies. Three specialist journals wrote editorials on IAD’s integrative treatment.

The focus of his studies is Lymphatic Filariasis, a neglected tropical disease.  His area of interest is integrative medicine to combine therapeutics of complementary and alternative systems of medicine with bio-medicine. ‘Whole drug development’, data and image analysis to support the better use of integrative medicine applying Artificial Intelligence are future research plans.

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