The First International Conference on Tropical Dermatology (ICTD)

Dr. Janaka Akarawita
(Past President SLCD and Chairperson Organizing Committee ICTD 2016)


Tropical Dermatoses encompass a wide array of dermatological problems that are unique, more widespread, prove more difficult to treat and control, in tropical and subtropical regions. However, the term Tropical Dermatoses cannot be sharply defined. For example centuries ago leprosy was much prevalent in temperate countries though now it is considered as one of the major tropical dermatoses.

Not only the unique environmental and biological aspects, but the economic, social and cultural aspects also are different in the tropics. Despite their varied economic, political, and social histories, except few, most of the tropical countries remain as developing nations with lower economic growth rates due to many complex reasons. As a result, overcrowding and poor hygienic living conditions are major concerns regarding the tropical diseases. As 40% of world populations live in the tropics, the burden on health systems due to these diseases is enormous.

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